Hose Reel L 1815 9CH Swivel

The Hose Reel Swivel LHR L 1815 9 channel Swivel together with the Lamor 80 m (262 ft) hose package is an effective unit for hose handling of medium, large and offshore skimmers on vessels or barges. With the integrated swivel, the skimmer can be powered by hydraulics in use during deployment and retrieval without having all the hoses deployed from the reel. The reel frame is manufactured from high-quality marine-grade coated steel. The spool is made of marine-grade aluminum and has an integrated nine hydraulic channel stainless steel rotary swivel. The spool is rotated with a high torque hydraulic motor gear package. The reel can be lifted securely from the forklift channels or from the dedicated lifting points located on the frame. The reel is designed to fit inside a container and can be locked and secured by either the dedicated lashing points or the built-in ISO container corners. The reel can be fitted with a rotation control valve on the reel (optional, not included). The hose package consists of nine hydraulic lines and discharge hoses that are wrapped in a PVC covered hose float. The horse float can easily be opened and closed for maintenance.

Technical Specifications
Item ID
2020 mm / 80 in
1840 mm / 72 in
2035 mm / 80 in
650 kg / 1433 lbs
Weight w/ 80 m hose
1680 kg / 3703 lbs
Spool width
1500 mm / 59 in
Hose length
80 m (5 in) / 262 ft (5 in)
Hydraulic flow
15 l/min / 4gpm
Hydraulic pressure
210 bar / 3045 psi
5.3 kW / 7.1 hp
Special Features

Suitable for Lamor 80 m hose package and for medium, large and offshore skimmers

For vessel, barge and harbor installations

Integrated 9 channel hydraulic rotary swivel

Durable steel structure

Container corners for locking and securing

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