Floating Oil Bladder U

The LFT U-tanks are durable floating oil bladder (storage tank) designed for the temporary storage of recovered oil. The tank’s low draft makes it ideal for temporary storage in confined areas such as estuaries, rivers and salt marshes. If access to the shoreline is not possible from the sea, an LFT U-tank can be deployed and filled on the beach, if the ground is even and level. Lamor offers a range of tanks, with storage capacities from 5-100 m3 (176.6-3531 ft3). The tanks are manufactured from oil and fuel resistant PVC- coated polyester. Depending on the operational requirements, the oil bladder can be towed alongside or behind a ship. The tanks can be deployed manually and be ready to use in less than five minutes. Each tank comes equipped with a tow harness for connection to the reinforced nose cone. The towing speed when fully loaded is 5 knots and 8 knots when empty. For detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.

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Special Features

Its low draft makes it ideal for use in estuaries, rivers and salt marshes

High tenacity fabric

Small space required for storage when deflated

Fully operationally equipped for towing

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