IPS Skimmer

The Lamor Industrial Process Skimmer is an oil recovery unit for industrial and process plant oil recovery. The unit is designed for removing oil and oil sheen and other floating products from the process plant tanks. The oil from e.g. industrial processes or hydraulic oil leaks is collected to the skimmer head with the flow created by an electrically driven propeller unit. The speed of the propeller can easily be adjusted from the control panel. An air blade is used to help to trap the oil inside the skimmer head before removal by the air operated ejectors. All oil from the process is collected and trapped to the skimmer head and therefore no oil escapes through the system and all oil wastage is eliminated. The oil removal from the skimmer head is carried out with the help of a compressed air ejector with special suction nozzles to remove only oil from the surface. The ejector's frequency can be adjusted freely from the control panel from intervals of a few seconds to several hours. The skimmer head has only one moving part and is by that means basically maintenance-free. All sensitive components are stored in IP 68 class control boxes which are dust-tight and tight against continuous immersion. Also, the electric motor which drives the flow propeller has an IP 68 rating. The handling and collecting of the floating oil of the IPS AIR Mk II is patent pending.

Technical Specifications
Weight, frame
90 kg / 198.4 lbs
Weight, motor module
35 kg / 77.1 lbs
1520 mm / 60 in
1050 mm / 41 in
125 kg / 275.6 lbs
9.7 m³/h* / 43 gpm*
Electric power
1-ph., 230 V AC
Air supply
6…8 bar / 87-116 psi
Temperature Resistance
-20…70 °C / -4…158 °F
Special Features

Manufactured in 316 (HST) Acid Proof Steel

Whole system weight: only 210 kg

Adjustable skimmer head input port for optimum flow

Required electric power: 1-phase 230VAC

Nominal power consumption 150W

Air pressure constant air blade

8 bar timed ejector pulse when the oil is removed out of the skimmer head (customer supply)

Maintenance-free structure

Lifting slings, lugs + shackles

OPTION: Electrical propeller motor available also in ATEX variant

OPTION: Control panel available also in ATEX variant

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