Heavy Duty Boom

The Heavy Duty Boom is a robust and durable air-inflated rubber boom that covers the increasing demand for offshore operations and for permanent installations at e.g. oil terminals, refineries and power plants. Moreover, the HDB can be utilized in all climatic conditions and environments, including Arctic conditions. The boom is manufactured utilizing two layers of synthetic fabric that are vulcanized together with four layers of UV and oil resistant synthetic rubber. The stiffeners, anchoring points, and ASTM fixing plates are vulcanized between the fabric layers of the boom. These features ensure a robust structure, in addition to easy cleaning and maintenance. The boom is equipped with yellow stripes and reflectors for improved visibility. The ballast chain is a hot-dip galvanized steel chain that gives strength, correct and stable deployment in sweeping operations, and facilitates excellent sea keeping properties. The patented Lamor F1 air valve makes the inflation and deflation by a single operator of the HDB significantly easier and quicker. The F1 air valve features flat design with an incorporated airlock without removable parts. The HDB is a reliable and durable boom and has been e.g. permanently deployed at several refineries worldwide for over a decade in harsh climatic conditions with very low maintenance required. For detailed product information please find PDF-copies of product specification sheets under the Downloadables-section.

Technical Specifications
900-2000 mm / 35-79 in
Section length
50/100 m / 164/328 ft
350-560 mm / 14-22 in
450-1160 mm / 18-46 in
3.0-8.4 kg/m / 2.0-5.6 lbs/f
Ballast chain DIN 763
10 or 13 mm / 3/8 or 1/2 in
Air chamber length
3 m / 9.8 ft
Base fabric
EP 315 / EP 400
Tensile strength
12.000 / 20.000 N/5 cm / 2654 / 4484 lbf/2 in
End connector
ASTM Z, F962 as standard
Special Features

For use in offshore, permanent installations, rivers with high currents and in U-sweep

Patented F1 air valves for easy inflation and deflation by single operator

Low maintenance and easy cleaning

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