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Ensure efficient equipment and scalable operations for your organization

By renting, companies can quickly scale their operations to match the urgency and size of an oil spill, ensuring that they have the right tools on hand to effectively contain and clean up the spill. This flexibility not only enhances response times but also improves overall efficiency, enabling businesses to minimize environmental impact and adhere to regulatory requirements swiftly.

Moreover, Lamor's rental services offer maintenance, training and technical support, which ensures that the equipment is always in optimal working condition, and that the personnel is properly trained. This adaptability and cost-effectiveness make rental services a strategic choice for maintaining high standards in the fast-paced and unpredictable oil spill response industry

Lamor has established a rental & response centre in Werkendam, the Netherlands. An extensive warehouse for oil spill response technology, covering the total area of nearly 3,000 square metres. The location will also include a Lamor customer service and sales office serving our Benelux customers and providing a global response capability.

"With the new rental & response centre near Rotterdam, we will improve companies’ emergency response readiness on a scalable platform. With our environmental protection solutions on hand, we can offer a lot to the Benelux market", says Arjen van den Brink, country manager for Lamor Netherlands.

How we operate

To respond in the most efficient way, we have pre-packaged our equipment into packages that are suitable for most spills and operational environments, and also include commissioning, training and maintenance.

Packages per use case:

  • On-land
  • Off-shore
  • Ports, Harbors & Shoreline
  • Salvage support & Wreck removal
  • Dispersant applications
  • Ancillary

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