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Pollution prevention as-a-service

Focus on your organisation's core competencies by using our pollution prevention as-a-service

Needless to say, to ensure future success your organisation needs to prioritise its core competencies. So, why not let us manage your pollution prevention operations as a service? With our world-class expertise, capacity, and foresight, you'll gain a reliable partner you can trust, allowing you to focus on achieving other important objectives.

Being prepared should feel natural to any organisation. With Lamor as your partner we are able to react quickly and retain order when things go wrong, limiting the harm done to the environment and enabling speedy restoration.

How we operate

At Lamor, we tailor environmental preparedness services to suit your needs and context, handling everything from specific preparedness areas to comprehensive turnkey solutions. As a trusted partner, we collaborate with you to analyse your needs and develop a joint execution plan. From there, Lamor takes on the responsibility of maintaining and elevating your preparedness to a world-class level, ensuring your organisation is always prepared for the unexpected.

Our method

  • Current state and future needs analysis (competences and capacity)
  • Roadmap to achieving world-class capabilities
  • Partnership plan to seamlessly integrate into your organisation's response strategy
  • Pollution prevention and response operations as-a-service

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