Circulation and reuse

Maximising water reuse with polishing plants

In regions prone to drought, effective water circulation and reuse are essential for sustainability. By harnessing advanced technologies such as Membrane BioReactor (MBR) and Ultrafiltration (UF) for polishing purposes, municipalities and industries can optimise water circulation and reuse. This approach minimises the need for ocean-sourced water and significantly reduces carbon emissions, as treating salt-free water to meet quality standards consumes far less energy than desalinating seawater.

Water circulation and reuse are especially crucial in areas suffering from drought.

How we operate

Water streams vary significantly, and our tailored approach begins with a comprehensive characterisation phase. By understanding the unique impurities and end-use requirements of each treated water source, we can determine the optimal combination of processes and technologies to include in the delivery scope. With our extensive range of options, we can provide cost-effective solutions for each client. Our expertise extends beyond cutting-edge membrane technologies, encompassing pre-treatment and disinfection to ensure seamless operation. From initial pre-treatment to final water storage, our designs are thorough and effective.

Explore the technologies and processes we employ in our technology section.

Our method

  • Characterisation: Assess the existing situation and objectives
  • Criteria and Target Setting: Establish treated water standards (according to legislation or exceeding customer requirements)
  • Process design and equipment selection
  • Delivery and execution
  • Service and maintenance

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