Contaminated sites

Contaminated sites

Regeneration of valuable assets

Most contaminated sites are often of a historical or legacy nature where the deposit of a range of wastes has occurred, resulting in the subsequent contamination of soils, groundwater, and air. Previous industrial processes and activities can also contribute to sites being left contaminated and requiring clean-up.

What is important is that Lamor has the technical awareness, experience, and solutions available to identify the degree and levels of contamination and to work with its clients to regenerate, repurpose and to ultimately hand-back site assets for future use and development.

Giving back land that has previously being contaminated and which would otherwise be redundant or not suitable for future development is always at the forefront of our thinking.

How we operate

When we undertake a remediation project, our focus extends beyond the contaminated soil or water to encompass the local context as well. That's why we collaborate with our global partner network to identify the most suitable treatment option for each project. By integrating local resources and partners, we ensure that every solution is tailored to the specific requirements of the site and the surrounding community while sharing our expertise to ensure lasting success.

As every project is unique, we offer our customers a variety of options: These include a solution-as-a-service model, services and technology support. Regardless of how you choose to work with us, we always bring our values of passion, innovation, and trust to the table. This guarantees that our collaboration has a lasting, positive impact.

Our method

  • Site characterisation
  • Definition of remediation target
  • In-situ and/or Ex-situ remediation
  • Typical technologies we work with, include bioremediation, pump-and-treat, soil vapour extraction, soil washing and thermal desorption

Want to learn more about how we do it? See our technology section for more details.

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