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Producing clean water from challenging sources

When it comes to water, it's easy to categorise it as drinkable or non-drinkable. However, water quality varies significantly depending on the source, and drinkability is merely one aspect of its composition. As such, water from natural sources or wastewater recycling is often deemed raw water, requiring treatment to achieve the desired end quality. Beyond potable drinking water, industrial processes are substantial consumers of water, with water quality requirements varying considerably depending on the process type.

At Lamor, we support both industrial and municipal clients in their endeavours to produce water of a specific quality as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Our energy-efficient reverse osmosis systems, designed for salt removal applications, ensure an environmentally conscious approach. We also take care of the membrane elements' lifecycle, collecting and recycling them in our plastic recycling facilities upon usage completion.

Our ultrafiltration systems are designed for use as pre-treatment, polishing treatment, or main treatment. These fully automated systems can be assembled in a container or mounted on a skid, depending on the need.

By producing process water from more demanding sources, we help preserve groundwater for potable use.

How we operate

Process and potable water projects typically begin with demand, which determines the required quantity and quality. The raw water source is then identified based on these needs. The most environmentally friendly approach involves seeking a wastewater source that can be treated and reused for the intended purpose. If drinking water is required, the source is usually salty seawater, surface water or groundwater. Given the significant variations between surface and groundwater sources, all potential sources are identified before being selected.

Once the source is known, the process and system design can be developed. Depending on the required capacity and location, the equipment can be designed using a modular and containerised philosophy or mounted on a skid and assembled in a specific space.

Explore the technologies and processes we employ in our technology section.

Our method

  • Understanding your current processes and needs
  • Analysing the current state of water quality and flows
  • Criteria and target setting for treated water (according to legislation or exceeding customer requirement)
  • Process and solution design
  • Delivery and execution
  • Service and maintenance

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