Emergency response3

Emergency response

We’re always ready to respond to environmental incidents

At Lamor, appropriate response is ingrained in our DNA. Our roots lie in developing cutting-edge technology to counter environmental incidents, which has been crucial in establishing us as the world's leading incident response solutions provider. If you’re in an emergency situation, please contact our 24/7 emergency hotline located at the top of our page.

Preparedness is the key for successful and appropriate response. Our proven strength is the ability to scale both technological capacity and manpower globally. 

How we operate

Our incident response solutions work in two ways. Proactive joint risk analysis and planning for mitigation, as well as effectively managing potential incidents, form the foundation for optimal response operations. Additionally, we’ve an extensive track record of swiftly establishing successful response operations after an incident occurs. In incident response, time is of the essence. Regardless of the partnership approach that suits you best, we’re quick, adaptable, and dependable in addressing challenges. 

Our method

  • Assess and understand situation
  • Verify the actual needs of response and ensure working in harmony with nature
  • React with a suitable response - where necessary scale up quickly (get big quick)
  • Keep the response operation relevant to the needs
  • Review response and distil lessons learned

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