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Wet oil ponds and lakes

Sustainable cleaning and recycling of legacy oil ponds and lakes

It's not often you associate the words "oil" with "lake" or "pond" in a favourable context. Regrettably, numerous hazardous sites worldwide exist due to factors like oil spills, historical waste oil storage, wars, or natural disasters. At Lamor, our expertise lies in revitalising these areas, extracting valuable resources like oil, and restoring the sites to a safe and usable state.

Understanding the nature and complexity of the contaminated lakes and ponds means that we can deploy the right technical solutions to extract the full value from the waste being stored

How we operate

A common challenge when restoring wet oil ponds and lakes is accurately identifying the waste's composition. Therefore, it's crucial to carry out thorough analysis and sampling of the waste material to fully understand its makeup, allowing for the development of precise treatment methods. Waste sampling must be both representative and comprehensive across the affected areas. The primary processes involved in ensuring professional and safe remediation include waste extraction, transportation methods, and final waste material remediation solutions. Collaborating with our clients and drawing upon our several decades of experience in these operations, we provide world-leading capabilities and service execution.

Our methods

  • Waste characterisation and compositional analysis
  • Identification of value added waste material for extraction and reuse
  • Designing a tailored treatment solution, including logistics and treatment of both oil and water
  • Undertaking the remediation work, giving the site a “clean-bill of health” and handing back a reusable asset to the client.

Want to learn more about how we do it? See our technology section for more details.

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