Plastics recycling

Building a circular economy with plastic recycling

Globally, significant efforts are being made to reduce the use of virgin crude oil in the petrochemical industry in order to combat the climate crisis. The chemical recycling market for plastics is projected to be worth hundreds of billions of euros by 2050. Lamor's extensive experience in environmental solutions forms the basis for our substantial investment in plastic chemical recycling. Our objective is to facilitate a systemic reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, promote efficient recycling, and minimise the environmental impact of plastics.

The world is changing and the demands placed on us all to preserve the earth’s natural resources is creating an environmental revolution. Hard to recycle commercial and industrial plastics can be converted into valuable raw material feedstocks and Lamor is doing its bit to provide sustainable and circular solutions for years to come.

How we operate

We have partnered with leading technology equipment providers in the industry to transform hard-to-recycle waste plastics into downstream liquid products and gases. Developing turnkey solutions is crucial to the success of our waste plastics-to-products business, so we collaborate with the entire supply chain to ensure a circular and sustainable approach is maintained.

We have established a blueprint that enables the replication of facilities worldwide. These facilities are designed in compliance with local, national, and international best practices and environmental regulations, resulting in a network of renewable product hubs capable of supplying industries and businesses with sustainable fuels for the future.

As global industries face growing pressures and heightened awareness to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, Lamor is here to help make a difference.

Explore the technologies and processes we employ in our technology section.

Our method

  • Capture hard to recycle plastics and divert to our engineered treatment facilities
  • Design, build and operate chemical recycling plastics facilities on a mirrored footprint globally
  • Provide the flexibility to recover and recycle plastics as efficiently as possible, whilst producing renewable liquid and gas for downstream production processes
  • Facilitate sustainability and circularity across the whole supply chain

Want to learn more about our plastics recycling solution? See our article on our first recycling facility in Porvoo.

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