Clean up and restoration3

Cleanup and restoration

Protect and rebuild ecosystems for a healthier future

Our experienced teammates at Lamor will consider all options and processes when developing a clean-up, protection and rehabilitation strategy. We believe in working in harmony with nature wherever and whenever we can. This means every project undertaken by Lamor seeks to be beneficial to the environment and its complex ecosystems at every stage. By staying true to our mission to Clean The World, Lamor excels as a world-leading organisation in remediation and restoration of contaminated land and water.

When the responsibility for the environment is great, it feels good to be able to provide the highest possible standards for environmental protection.

How we operate

After swift, effective, and efficient emergency response operations, we plan and carry out clean-up operations. A crucial element is adopting a Net Environmental Benefit approach. This entails assessing and selecting the appropriate technique and tools for clean-up, considering the overall environmental impact, including any potential negative effects from various cleaning methods in different contexts.

We aim to "enhance the effects of nature," for example, by avoiding chemical techniques when they are not environmentally feasible. These operations necessitate manpower, and one of our core strengths is our experience in scaling up local organisations for projects. In addition to scaling up, we offer global best practices in managing operations.

Our method

  • Analysis and planning of cleanup operation (NEBA Net Environmental Benefit Analysis)
  • Recruiting manpower and scaling operations
  • Management of cleanup teams
  • Segregation and managing waste
  • Analysis and assessment of contamination level
  • Project management and signoff

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