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Protection of infrastructure

Safeguarding your infrastructure and operations

Access to clean water is a lifeline of infrastructure as well many industrial processes. Challenges in clean water intake may have even more significant effects on our society, such as downtime of critical energy production. We help you analyse the risks and mitigate them through preparedness in the terms of your competencies and the technology needed to secure clean water access.

Clean water access is vital for both infrastructure and various industrial processes. Unfortunately, challenges in maintaining clean water supplies can significantly impact society, such as causing downtime in critical energy production. To avoid this, we help you analyse the risks and mitigate them by enhancing your preparedness in terms of the required competencies and technologies. Ultimately, this ensures continued, secure access to clean water.

We also provide solutions for protecting sensitive areas from algae, debris and other floating materia. Our solutions extend to containment of sediment in construction areas as well as many other custom engineered solutions. 

One of our key value propositions is securing a good night sleep for our customers as their critical risks are being taken care of professionally. Being able to create such value makes us sleep well too.

How we operate

Our approach to protecting water intake begins with understanding your unique needs and context. We tailor the best solution for your operating environment and guide you through various technological options to address your risk profile. Additionally, we inform you of the capabilities required to manage such security operations. If desired, we can even operate the water intake protection system on your behalf. As your trusted partner, we’re committed to providing the expertise of a world-leading environmental preparedness organisation to meet your needs.

Our method

  • Risk analysis and mitigation plans
  • Operation and capacity building
  • Support for technology sourcing and competence development
  • Turnkey and bespoke solutions

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