Sludge and waste oil treatment

Recovering valuable resources from discarded waste

Over the years, industries have produced contaminated sludge, which often contains valuable materials that can be extracted and repurposed or made less harmful for further treatment.

At Lamor, we collaborate closely with clients to ensure that any generated sludge waste is carefully managed, preventing potential harm to the environment. We employ a variety of technologies to break down the sludge composition and effectively extract reusable resources.

Knowing what valuable resources are contained within the waste material stream and understanding the frequency of its generation will all add towards the long-term reuse of resources.

How we operate

The proper management and treatment of wastes sludges and waste oils is often achieved through an integrated approach. We combine the identification and composition of the waste materials and then plan treatment solutions that extract full value, whilst minimising residual materials.

Transportation choice and method also play an important role when managing these waste streams, with emphasis placed on modular, flexible modes of transport that also consider reverse logistics solutions for added efficiencies.

Our method

  • Waste characterisation and compositional analysis
  • Identification of value added waste material for extraction and reuse
  • Designing a tailored sludge treatment solution, including logistics
  • Extracting waste oils and other reusable waste streams
  • Design, building, operating and maintaining fixed and mobile treatment technologies

Learn more about the technologies and processes we use in the technology section.

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