Maritime pollution

Maritime pollution (MARPOL) port reception facilities

Sustainable solutions for maritime waste management

With the adoption of MARPOL, the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, global environmental and societal awareness for ocean protection has expanded and evolved.

The maritime industry must now guarantee that waste generated from their activities is safely managed through port waste reception services and facilities. At Lamor, we offer Port Authorities customised and environmentally responsible solutions, enabling efficient and sustainable waste treatment without causing unnecessary delays for ships.

Efficient and sustainable port facilities are a way for us to contribute to limiting maritime pollution, but also to making the maritime industry more competitive and sustainable – a win-win for us all.

How we operate

Port waste reception facilities have become an essential component within the maritime industry. Based on available infrastructure, Lamor equips you with the necessary technological and operational solutions to achieve your maritime waste management goals. In collaboration with our global network of partners, we identify the optimal choice for your operating context. We support you throughout the entire process, from developing solutions to delivering them, and establishing operations and maintenance partnerships.

Our method

  • Work with our clients to forecast and predict waste volumes and composition
  • Identify available land and design waste treatment solutions
  • Deliver waste recovery, reuse and recycling targets in line with client sustainability and circular economy responsibilities
  • Provide ongoing operation and maintenance services

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