Managed aquifer recharge

Managed aquifer recharge

How MAR tackles multiple challenges in the water treatment industry

Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) is a game-changing technology for the potable water industry. The process harnesses nature's own treatment methods, filtering water through soil and employing bioremediation with bacteria. MAR can be applied for groundwater remediation, restoring brackish water aquifers to freshwater aquifers, and storing produced potable water or treated wastewater.

Water stored underground is protected from sunlight, heat, and external hazards, with virtually limitless storage capacity. Due to global warming, rainfall has become more aggressive, and although average rainfall amounts remain relatively unchanged, water has less time to store in natural aquifers. Instead, it flows into rivers and lakes, causing soil erosion. By implementing MAR technology, water can be injected into the aquifer when needed, and the aquifer can be monitored and controlled through production wells.

MAR is poised to become one of the most important solutions to tackle drought and water shortages.

How we operate

To successfully implement Managed Aquifer Recharge, understanding the soil and landscape characteristics is essential. While MAR technology is relatively simple and robust, extracting every drop of injected water requires precise modelling and expertise. The design process begins with mapping suitable locations using geological maps and studying the landscape. Once the most suitable locations have been selected with the client, more accurate soil modelling, mapping, and monitoring are used to determine the optimal placement of injection wells and production wells. Calculating the retention time is crucial, ensuring that the soil and bacteria have ample time to treat the injected water, and the highest yield can be achieved from the pumping wells without creating springs in the area.

MAR technology offers various possibilities for the water industry. The injected water can be treated wastewater, salt-free potable water, salt-free water to remediate brackish groundwater, or clean water to remediate contaminated groundwater.

Explore the technologies and processes we employ in our technology section.

Our method

  • Understanding the landscape and soil quality
  • Analysing available water sources and qualities
  • Criteria and target setting for production wells
  • Process and solution design
  • Delivery and execution
  • Service and maintenance

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