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Safely managing industrial hazardous waste

While industrial processes and industries aim to produce goods, products, and services with minimal waste generation, hazardous waste is often an inevitable by-product. Consequently, Lamor collaborates with clients to safely identify, extract, transport, treat, and ultimately dispose of any generated hazardous waste.

We utilise cutting-edge technologies to transform hazardous waste into reusable raw materials or non-hazardous waste. Our focus lies in pinpointing the source of the hazardous waste and selecting environmentally compliant and safe treatment technologies for implementation.

Hazardous waste can be harmful to the environment if not properly managed. Industry has an obligation to protect the environment in which it operates. Lamor provides tailored treatment solutions that can add value across various industry segments and production processes.

How we operate

Collaborating closely with our clients, we analyse and pinpoint areas across the entire supply chain where hazardous waste may be generated or created, ensuring the implementation of safe and environmentally sound waste treatment processes.

Our primary objective is to eliminate hazardous waste at the outset; if that's not feasible, we adopt secure waste handling, extraction, and treatment methods that allow industries to focus on their core business of production. Many hazardous wastes possess reusable or calorific value, and our main goal is to determine if these valuable components can be harnessed and repurposed within the same industry as renewable resources.

As global industries face growing pressures and heightened awareness to contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable world, Lamor is here to help make a difference.

Explore the technologies and processes we employ in our technology section.

Our method

  • Work with our clients to forecast and predict waste volumes and composition
  • Identify upstream and downstream opportunities to eliminate the creation of the hazardous waste
  • Introduce more dynamic waste handling, transportation, recovery and reuse methods of operation
  • Deploy known and proven technologies to safely treat the hazardous waste material and at worst render it non-hazardous

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