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Secure your organisation's future with environmental preparedness

Today, preparing for environmental incidents is more crucial than ever before. With an increase in natural disasters and political instability, organisations must become even more resilient to thrive. We’re here to help you build your capacity to cope with unforeseen environmental events and enhance your capabilities if the unexpected happens. 

We have succeeded, when our customers are so well prepared, that the inevitable and rare environmental incidents can be handled as business as usual.

How we operate

A Lamor Solution is tailored to meet your needs. Building resilience, capability and capacity as your response partner to ensure preparedness. A comprehensive review of your systems, resources and operational risks will allow us to propose ways to ensure protection of our environment. Building resilience with Lamor protects more than our environment. Robust preparedness also protects your reputation, share price and the ability to do business in the manner you choose. 

Our method

  • Readiness review (organisational competences and capacity)
  • Environmental risk and consequence analyses (risk register)
  • Designing and updating contingency plans
  • Training and exercising programs
  • Modelling credible scenarios
  • Ensuring right amount of technology
  • Project / incident management

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