Latin American delegates visiting Lamor Kilpilahti facility

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Delegates from Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil were given an exclusive tour of the Lamor Kilpilahti facility, witnessing groundbreaking progress in sustainable solutions. The visit emphasized the need for teamwork in solving global plastics and environmental challenges.

In the middle of May, Lamor had the pleasure of hosting esteemed delegates from Business Finland and embassies of Chile, Peru, Mexico and Brazil. The occasion provided a platform for fruitful discussions and shared insights into solving global plastics problem and environmental challenges.

The visit commenced at Rihkamatori in Porvoo, where CSO Johanna Grönroos delivered an insightful presentation on plastic recycling, particularly focusing on the Lamor Kilpilahti project. The presentation led to lively conversations, highlighting the collective efforts needed to address the challenges caused by plastic waste.

Johanna plastics presentation

Next, our important guests had the opportunity to witness firsthand the progress we're making at the Lamor Kilpilahti chemical plastic recycling facility. They were impressed by our advancements and innovations as they toured the site.

Kilpilahti visit

The visit underscored the importance of international collaboration in tackling global environmental challenges. By bringing together stakeholders from diverse backgrounds and regions, we can leverage collective expertise and resources to drive meaningful change.

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