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Contaminated soil washing is a technique that eliminates hazardous contaminants from the soil, restoring its usability. This method significantly benefits the environment and human health. Soil, a crucial natural resource, supplies nutrients to plants and serves as a habitat for numerous organisms. By cleaning the soil, we help preserve this resource for generations to come.


Contaminated soil washing removes hazardous contaminants found in soil, which helps prevent their spread. These contaminants pose risks to human health and can lead to various illnesses. By eliminating these pollutants from the soil, we can prevent the spread of harmful substances.

The main challenge in this project is delivering a high quality soil treatment plant while maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. To tackle this challenge, Lamor collaborates with leading plant manufacturers to supply the essential technology needed for reducing oil contamination.


This solution has a substantial feeding capacity and will effectively reduce the Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) content in the soil to the remediation target criteria set for the project. 

The project involves pretreatment of contaminated soil, which is first screened and crushed before undergoing the soil washing process. The soil is then washed and classified, with monitoring taking place before the clean, coarse soil is stored in a storage unit, and the sludge is thickened. The project also involves a proper maintenance schedule to ensure the optimal operation of the plant and minimizing the rejected material.

“Contaminated soil washing can help in the restoration of the natural ecosystem. Soil contaminated with harmful substances can make it impossible for plants to grow and wildlife to thrive. By cleaning the soil, we can make the environment healthy again, and restore the natural balance of the ecosystem,” says Manel Fernandez Bosch, Project Manager at Lamor.


Contaminated soil washing has a positive environmental and economic impact, as it enables the transformation of contaminated sites into usable land for new developments. This can lead to increased economic activity and job creation, benefiting the entire local community.

Overall, the partnership aims to overcome the challenge of providing high-quality sand treatment plant machines and achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

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