Membrane bioreactors are the most developed waste water treatment processes at the moment. The technology has been on the market for a while and finally it has reached maturity and is robust and reliable


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Lamor MBR Solution consist of:

System design


Membrane bioreactor and aeration units

Tertiary treatment

MBR Advantages

The biggest benefits of the MBR technology compared to more traditional technologies are a significantly smaller footprint and remarkably better treatment results. As MBR technology uses a membrane in the final filtering stage, the solid content after the treatment is minimal which enables more effective disinfection results in the tertiary treatment phase with lower doses of disinfectant.

One of the main advantages of MBR technology is its ability to remove and reduce drug residues. Many science studies have highlighted that drug residues and hormones are one of the biggest man-made threats to aquatic organisms. Many studies have indicated that drug residues and hormones create mutations in fish, which can be avoided with sufficient water treatment. At the time being the MBR technology combined with effective oxidation technologies are the only methods to remove drug residues in large quantities.


  • For Municipal Sector

    Municipalities are centralising water treatment plants in an attempt to save costs. However, in many cases the pipeline cost is significant compared to effective and localised treatment units. For small villages and for remote locations Lamor offers containerised wastewater solutions. The minimum flow capacity of one unit is 200 m3/day which is enough to treat water from 1600 people. The MBR technology is scalable and can be increased to as large volumes as needed.


  • For Industrial Sector

    Industries which have challenging water streams and tight legislative restrictions can also benefit from MBR systems. The small footprint and efficiency of the process is essential for many clients. The solution is optimal for food and beverage industries, offshore usage, remote locations and ports, for example. Lamor waste water applications and potable water applications combined with waste management services create a full package for remote locations.

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