Lamor has provided baffle booms for water treatment plants for decades. The development of Lamor baffles began in the 70s when the first baffles were developed in the US. Today we have over 700 installations globally. Each installation can be tailored according to the dimensions of the lagoon or the tank. The baffle applications have been successfully used everywhere from Arctic conditions to near the equator, so it’s safe to say that our systems are suitable for any condition.


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Baffle Boom Benefits

The baffle boom offers a fast relief to capacity challenges since it provides longer retention time, prevents “dead zones” in the tank and prevents the water short circuiting. The impurities will settle faster in smaller settling tanks since the flow can be directed more accurately. The cost savings can also be gained from the disinfection tanks by routing the flow inside of the tank. This provides more efficient mixing and reduces the needed dosing amounts due the increased retention time

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