Fish farming is one of the fastest growing food sectors in the world and some specialists have estimated that in the future fish farming may be the only sustainable method to provide seafood for a growing population.


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Fish Farming

Fish farming is done all over the world, with Chile, Norway and East Asia being big producers. Malta is a very popular site for tuna farming in the Mediterranean and there are several large tuna farming operations, mainly focused on the Japanese market. One of the side effects of the increase of farming activity is an increase in the pollution associated with it. The tuna for the Japanese market has to be of the highest quality and therefore the tuna needs to be fed by using high-quality fish which is supplied frozen from Northern Europe. 


This fish feed is deposited into a feeding net in the center of the cage and a drawstring in the bottom of the net is then released at regular intervals to let the fish out to feed the tuna. Unfortunately this feedstock is accompanied by fish oil which floats on top of the water. When the wind is in the right direction the fish oil ends up on the tourist beaches of Malta. The government has to keep a balance between the very lucrative fish farming activity and the tourist industry. For this reason the authorities have encouraged fish farmers to find a solution for the floating debris.

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We develop and manufacture our booms to strict European standards. Our worldwide network is able to give local service to your fish farms whether you are in Northern Europe, South America, East Asia or anywhere in between.

Fish Farming Booms and Skimmers

In the oil spill response business, you don’t want the oil to float away before you get a chance to collect it. Enter the humble but ingenious boom, which keeps the oil in one place so it doesn’t pollute far and wide. Yet other industries need similar solutions, such as fish farms. Fish farming and oil spill response are very different industries, but the wind, currents and waves work the same way. We talked to fish farmers, studied their needs and how their waste behaves in the ocean, and now have containment booms perfect for their industry.


The basic concept is the same we use in oil spill response: protect the environment and our customers’ profits and reputation with a cost-effective investment. Lamor’s sturdy booms do this by keeping the waste together so it can be safely and efficiently managed. By adding Lamor skimmers to the equation the client can collect the valuable fish oil from the cages and sell it forward. 

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