Industrial Water Treatment

In industrial water treatment, complex compounds, a high nutrient amount and various process chemicals force us to understand the individual processes and circumstances. Lamor exploits its team of global experts to solve these puzzles together with our clients.


Municipal Water Treatment

Lamor works with corporate and government clients to quickly, safely and efficiently fulfil your municipal water needs, saving you money and time while protecting the environment. Lamor has provided municipal water solutions for both major urban centres and remote areas.


Our mission at Lamor is to be a forerunner in environmental solutions, particularly in water treatment. We see water circulation as a non-ending process which means that we have to preserve our bodies of water to be able to produce and provide potable water in the future.


Director, Material Recycling Technology 

Petri Vänskä


"Water is one of our most precious resources. Our mission is to assist our customers increase their profits while improving sustainability in the field of water treatment".

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Aquaculture industry

Lamor now offers innovative solutions to the aquaculture industry.


Oil and gas industry

Lamor now offers innovative solutions to the oil and gas industry.


Energy industry

Lamor now offers innovative solutions to the energy industry.


Maritime industry

Lamor now offers innovative solutions to the maritime industry


We provide water treatment for the most demanding of needs and we are able to tailor and customize each solution that we provide. Cost efficiency is one of our strengths, and through our global network, we are able to manufacture our products in local markets. Lamor offers our services and helps various sectors from municipal waste and drinking water to large-scale industrial segments. We are ready to work with you to meet your challenges and guide your processes toward a more sustainable future.