A pioneer in water treatment

Lamor has long been a pioneer in environmental solutions, especially when it comes to water treatment.

The water cycle is an endless process. That’s why it’s incredibly important to keep the world’s waters protected, so that we can ensure clean water for generations to come.

We provide water treatment solutions that are tailored to the diverse needs of our customers – from public drinking water and wastewater management to meeting the needs of major industrial companies.

  • Water Treatment - General

    Climate change has increased the need for water treatment applications.  Our mission at Lamor is to be a forerunner in environmental solutions, particularly in water treatment. We see water circulation as a non-ending process which means that we have to preserve our bodies of water to be able to produce and provide potable water in the future.

    Lamor, being a Finnish company, represents the Finnish mentality of hard working ethics, preciseness and reliability. The cost efficiency is one of our strengths and our global network reaches every continent. Through our wide network, we are able to manufacture our products locally in each market sector.

    We provide water treatment for the most demanding of needs and we are able to tailor and customize each solution which we provide. Cost efficiency is one of our strengths, and through our global network we are able to manufacture our products in local markets. Lamor offers our services and help to various sectors from municipal waste and drinking water to large scale industrial segments. We are ready to work with you to meet your challenges and guide your processes towards a more sustainable future.

  • Potable water treatment solutions

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    Potable water production

    Sustainable water usage requires that more water is produced from surface waters. Underground water source is usually the cheapest alternative but in the long run it’s not sustainable. Lamor has focused its technologies to surface water treatment. From our portfolio you can find solutions for sea water applications, fresh water applications and for water reuse applications.

    • Reverse osmosis systems

    Reverse osmosis systems can be used for salt removal applications. Lamor provides RO-systems which produce up to 150 cubic meters of potable water per hour. The unique pretreatment technology minimizes clogging issues while advanced oxidation technologies opens the possibility to produce potable water from varying water sources.

    This technology is being used on cruise ships and has strong references in the energy industry.


    • Containerized movable potable water plants

    The Lamor containerized water treatment solution is assembled in sea containers. Our unique knowledge of the process allows us to combine high-tech automation and measurement systems in a containerized product. The optimized solution is tailored to fit a client’s exact needs. The containers are typically able to purify from 1 to 50 cubic meters of water per hour from a lake, river or the sea.


    • Plant optimization and reduction of chlorine usage

    Lamor optimizes a plant by studying a client’s current equipment and processes to select the most suitable technologies and process control parameters. In most cases, the current equipment and measuring devices can be used as part of the optimization and completely. New equipment is seldom needed. Lamor has recognized that existing processes are in most cases well designed but time has passed by the process control. In most cases, the desired results are achieved by optimizing the process control and measurements.

    Lamor aims to minimize the use of chlorine by using advanced technologies in water disinfection and water pretreatment.

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    • Legionella removal solutions

    Legionella is a biological health risk caused by legionella bacteria. The bacteria will cause severe respiratory infection if the contaminated water is vaporized and inhaled.

    The legionella is common in heated pipelines and in cooling circuits. Lamor has developed an environmentally friendly treatment solution for legionella removal. The system has been installed to potable water distribution pipelines, cooling circuits and cooling tower applications. 

  • Municipal waste water treatment solutions

    Waste water treatment plays a key role in the fight against pollution. In the water cycle, waste waters are discharged to rivers, lakes or the sea and all the untreated impurities will end up in circulation. By treating the waste waters with proper technologies we can minimize the industrial impact to bodies of water and start to improve the situation in many already polluted areas.

    From our wide portfolio of water treatment technologies, we can provide various applications to the municipal sector such as: H2S removal, corrosion reduction, effluent disinfection, measurement systems, settling tanks, screens, pumps, valves, etc. 

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    • Containerized wastewater treatment plants

    Lamor offers containerized wastewater solutions for remote locations. Our MBR-technology has a minimal footprint and the effluent water is treated accordingly European standards. The solution is optimal for offshore usage, remote villages and for ports. 

    Waste water container

    • Peroxide solutions

    Lamor’s peroxide solution is an automated turnkey solution which combines:

    - Industrial measurements

    - Industrial logic

    - ICT solutions such as cloud services

    - Peroxide expertise

    - The catalyst which guarantees high reduction rates for bacteria and viruses

    Lamor’s know-how in peroxide technology can be used in multiple areas such as:

    - Toxic gas removal from waste waters (H2S, NH3)

    - Disinfection solutions

    1) Effluent disinfection

    2) Legionella removal

    - Biofilm removal solutions

    - Difficult microbiological removal solutions

    The automated peroxide system monitors the water quality online so the optimum amount of chemicals are fed to the water stream even if the quality of water varies. The common problem with feeding systems is that the flow-based feeding ratio is not optimal when the quality of the water varies so the chemical consumption is high.

    Lamor’s peroxide solution has been used in several countries such as Finland, Brazil, Saudi-Arabia, South-Africa, and Russia.

    • UV/Peroxide disinfection solutions:

    UV/Peroxide solution is developed for minimizing the costs of UV-treatment. Our technology combines the best capabilities of traditional UV-treatment and peroxide disinfection. By combining these two technologies we can provide minimal electricity usage, always clean UV-lamps and the most efficient disinfection results.

  • Industrial water treatment solutions
    • Drilling cuts

    Lamor has designed water treatment technology for drilling cuts with its Finnish partners. As an oil response company Lamor has gathered oil removal know-how for decades and now applies this expertise to water treatment applications.

    Oil will be removed from drilling cuts with a unique two-phase flotation technology and the collected oil can usually be used in incinerators. The process will be tailored according to each case and typically consists of pH neutralization, heavy metal removal,flotation and membrane technology for salt removal.

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    • Cooling tower applications

    Lime scaling is a well-known problem in heat exchangers.  Lamor offers a chemical-free option for the scaling problem, replacing conventional chemical dosing systems.


    Chemical-free descaling combined with Lamor's unique legionella removal technology will provide a sustainable and cost-effective method for cooling tower needs.

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    • Leather and fabric dying industry

    In the fabric industry, dying creates a multi-metal waste stream that needs to be treated before the process water can be discharged. Lamor has years of experience from treating multi-metal waters from pickling plants and from the fabric industry. We offer full-scale flow-thru process systems with sludge presses together with plant optimization.

    In cases where the customer’s existing treatment process doesn’t fully fill the need Lamor’s unique optimization service combined with automation technologies can provide a significant increase in purification efficiency.

    • Fish farming water treatment applications

    Fish farming industry has a high demand on reverse osmosis technologies. The parasite problem can be eliminated with environmental friendly method by using salt free water. Lamor has a long history of providing reverese osmosis technologies to various industry and we have tailored specific scope for fish farming industry which contains our unique deep sea suction system which is combined to our RO-systems.

    The waters from fish processing industry contain usually variable amounts of greases, oils and other organic impurities. Lamor has developed cost-effective system to treat these waters with two-phase coagulation and electroflotation. The electroflotation uses a minimal amount of electricity and no added water is needed. The traditional flotation uses freshwater for dispersing water production but in the electroflotation process, the nanosize bubbles are generated with electricity.

    The extracted sludge can be treated in a separate sludge drying unit which prepares the biomass to the composting process.



  • Water intake protection
    • Lamor secure water intake solutions

    Lamor has developed solutions for securing water intake areas. The intake securing solutions are developed for areas where the water intake is from an open body of water and the risk of floating materials or floating oil is present.  Usually in oil spill areas, light oil substances float and heavier oil particles settle to the bottom sediment. In time these lighter oil substances can float long distances until the oil finally turns into emulsion. In this phase, the emulsion can settle down to the bottom and cause a significant risk to the water inlet.

    Our inlet securing solutions provide unique security for water inlets against other impurities as well. Floating natural organic materials, chemicals and trash can be kept away from the inlet area with our efficient solution. 

    Our securing solution is based on our three decades’ of experience in oil recovery and the same structure is used in many other of our reliable products.

    Lamor offers three different solutions for protecting the water intake: security boom, permanent boom, and offshore boom. A suitable solution will be chosen together with the client and manufactured locally if possible. We have a wide network of co-operation partners and the capability to manufacture our products locally on many continents.

    • Security boom

    The security boom is a recommended solution for plant perimeter security. The permanent installation provides maximum security against floating impurities such as plant life. The security boom’s unique, registered design requires a minimum amount of maintenance and is easy to install. The solution is extremely robust and can handle up to a 40-ton break load. The security boom was designed in arctic conditions and is resistant to extreme weather conditions.  

    • Permanent boom

    The permanent boom is designed to be installed as permanent protection for a water intake channel. The permanent installation provides a continuous barrier against oil and other floating impurities. The product is manufactured from strong PVC coated belting fabric which has exceptional operating features. The floats are designed to be used in varying climate conditions and the floating material is made from solid molded closed-cell PE foam. The design is robust and the booms are protected against marine growth with environmentally friendly growth inhibitors. The boom can withstand the impacts of heavy debris concentrations and has a long service life.

    • Offshore boom

    The offshore boom is recommended for water intake areas that are located further away from the shore. The robust and durable air-inflated rubber boom can be used as a stand-alone solution and be installed around the area which needs to be protected. The installation and deployment time is fast and needs a minimal amount of crew. The solution was developed in arctic conditions and is used in all climatic conditions and environments. The offshore boom is specially designed for permanent installations, such as at oil terminals, refineries, and power plants. It is used in several refineries worldwide. 


Head of Water Treatement 

Petri Vänskä


"Water is one of our most precious resources. Our mission is to assist our customers increase their profits while improving sustainability in the field of water treatment".

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