Municipal water treatment is one of society’s most basic needs. The availability of clean water and sanitation are a basic human rights and has been enshrined in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Climate change and our increasing population makes the future availability of clean water even more critical.

Municipal Waste Waters

Treating municipal waste water properly is one of the cornerstones of modern society and crucial for environmentally sustainable growth. Lamor provides many solutions which ease the burden on water bodies and help operators to maintain safe, effective, efficient and economical municipal waste water treatment.


Potable Water

Potable water production and distribution creates a challenge in many countries. Lamor has brought our three decades of experience from oil spill response solutions to potable water treatment. Explore our full portfolio of solutions or contact us for more information.


 Lamor has provided municipal water solutions for both major urban centers and remote areas in places as diverse as Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa. In our oil spill response business, we have learned to quickly and efficiently deploy resources wherever needed. Now, we can use this experience to treat wastewater in a European capital or provide clean water in a remote desert.


Why Lamor?

We work with corporate and government clients to quickly, safely and efficiently fulfil your municipal water needs, saving you money and time while protecting the environment. Lamor provides add on solutions to municipal potable water- and waste water treatment plants.


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