Industrial water treatment is classified in two main ways: wastewater and process water. Lamor provides solutions and services for both areas. Industrial water treatment challenges differ from municipal water treatment in various ways. The industrial sector typically consumes less water than the municipal sector, but the water may need more specialized treatment and the challenges are much more demanding.



Industrial Waste Waters

Industrial wastewater treatment is the most demanding field in the water treatment sector. Industrial wastewaters contain various impurities which are unique to each sector and vary even inside the industry.


Industrial Potable/Process Waters

Industrial process waters are the corner stone of many production processes. The quality and the flow need to be maintained at the desired level for the required time.


We do our research and development in a co-creation process together with our partners. Lamor has exceptional relationships with the universities and water treatment researchers in Finland. In cooperation with our partners, we have created a number of effective treatment processes.

Why Lamor?

In industrial water treatment, complex compounds, a high nutrient amount and various process chemicals force us to understand the individual processes and circumstances. Lamor exploits its team of global experts to solve these puzzles together with our clients. Our tech team works with our local sales team to quickly provide the best and most efficient solution, saving our clients time and money.



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By combining our waste management services to our industrial water treatment applications, Lamor provides unique services and system combinations which support the circular economy.
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