Lamor has successfully completed the delivery of ten workboats to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA)

Lamor is continuously working together with its customers and partners to create a positive environmental impact. As one example of efficient environmental protection and cooperation, Lamor has been acting as a contractor for the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) and delivered several kinds of equipment and services for EMSA during the past years.

In 2021, EMSA, as a result of a public tendering procedure, selected Lamor for the delivery of ten Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts  LSLC7400 to its five Equipment Assistance Service (EAS) stockpiles, located ​​around the European coastline.

The Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Craft LSLC 7400 is designed by Lamor for safe oil spill
recovery operations in coastal waters and open seas under adverse weather conditions.
Additionally, it can serve as a workboat in various tasks and operations, as well as support for
other vessels. In the design, particular focus has been paid to suitable seaworthiness, good
course keeping and maneuverability as well as high cargo capacity.

Lamor EMSA1

"Lamor Ultra Shallow Draft Landing Crafts LSLC7400 is an integral part of EMSA’s Equipment
Assistance Service, which provides support to EU/EFTA member States in case of marine oil
pollution within the European waters. The Lamor LSLC 7400 was chosen as a result of a
public tendering procedure where it was found to best meet the specific requirements of
EMSA", says Mathias Lindroos, Senior Project Manager of Lamor.

In April 2022, Lamor delivered the first boats to Rotterdam (Netherlands) followed in the
coming months by Ravenna (Italy), Frederikshavn (Denmark), Varna (Bulgaria), and Porvoo
(Finland), with the last two being delivered and commissioned in August 2022.

Since 2005 Lamor has been a supplier of oil spill response equipment and services to EMSA
having been awarded several contracts for specific oil spill response equipment and a
contract for operating the Equipment Assistance Service in the Northern Baltic.

For more information: EMSA pollution response services.

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