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Rapid Deployment Boom Pack

The Lamor Boom Pack is a Tactical Response System for oil boom rapid deployment. It can be towed with speeds up to 20 knots by a workboat or other vessels. This enables quick arrival to the spill site. Thanks to the quick release of the solid float SFB boom from the bag the spreading of the oil can be efficiently prevented. The boom is stored in its storage bag on a pallet ready for use. The pallet can be lifted on board of a vessel or on a trailer (optional) to be road transported close to the spill site. For deployment, the towline is connected to a workboat and the system is towed to the spill site. The dragged anchor which is connected to the system is released and this opens the boom storage bag and the total length of 300 m (1,000 ft) boom is deployed in less than two minutes. The boom can be then towed and anchored to the desired position and the workboat can be used for other activities. After the use, the boom can be repacked in its storage bag and stored ready to use on the pallet, trailer or in the warehouse. The boom in the Rapid Deployment Boom Pack-system is the Lamor Solid Floating SFB Oil Boom with ASTM connectors on both ends. The standard delivery also includes the skid, storage bag with cover, tow bridle and drag anchor. The deployment can be done by one or two operators. Please see individual product documentation for technical specifications.

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