Oil Spill Response

When heavy fuel oil coated every nook and cranny of a rocky shoreline, Lamor’s Bow Collector was versatile enough to handle the tight spaces.

At first, no one knew where the oil was coming from. It washed up at Tjörn, on the ecologically sensitive west coast of Sweden, coating everything in its path. The shoreline is rocky and jagged, and the oil went everywhere: in cracks, in little shallow bays, in pools, on tiny skerries. A strong westerly wind washed the oil high up on the rocks. Later the Swedish Coast guard learned the oil came from a collision between a bulk carrier and a fishing boat in the North Sea, west of Denmark.


The 450 tonnes of heavy fuel oil was thick, sluggish and filled with seaweed and debris. The shallowness of the water and the hundreds of nooks and crannies of the rocky shoreline meant that no large recovery vessel could get close enough to do the job. The oil wasn’t easily accessible from shore, either, leaving smaller, more versatile workboats as the only viable option

The cleanup crew used a variety of methods to clean the spill, including pumps, oil skimmers and even shovels and buckets. A workboat was deployed which was equipped with the Lamor Bow Collector, a stiff brush conveyor belt unit that efficiently recovers oil and debris. Recovered oil contains little free water.


The Bow Collector can be deployed quickly and is easy to use, and soon the crew were maneuvering the workboat into shallow waters and hard-to-reach rocky nooks. The robust system can be used at up to 4 knots skimming speed as the forward motion of the vessel concentrates oil and debris to be picked up by the brush conveyor for separation and recovery.


Lamor Bow Collector



The rocky coast of Tjörn was quickly, safely and efficiently cleaned, protecting the marine ecosystem and the homes of the locals. The workers who used the Lamor Bow Collector had an extra bonus: it kept the deck of their workboat relatively clean, compared to the other boats, so they had a more pleasant working environment.


This spill occurred in 2011, so the Bow Collector has had another decade of successful operation. Lamor has a long history in oil spill response, and is always seeking to learn from every project. In this case, Lamor has taken the good results from the Tjörn incident and learned how to approach similar situations all over the world.


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Several vessels with the same type of Lamor In Built oil recovery systems are in operation at the Bay of Bohai, China, a platform offshore oil spill and a second oil spill with Venezuela orimulsion oil after the tanker accident at Yellow Sea anchor area near Qingdao. The vessels are operated by China Oil Company.


Head of Spill Response

Rune Högström

“The bow collector was perfect for this job because it could work in hard-to-reach places close to the beach and right next to the booms. The bow collector was also used in an ingenious way. It is a hard, dirty and dangerous job to manually lift oil absorbent booms out of the water. The Swedish Coast Guard used the bow collector to pick up the dirty rolls of absorbent.”

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Lamor Bow Collector

7- or 20-meter workboats

Can be installed on both

< 2%

Typical free water collection%

50 m3/h

Certified capacity

Skimmer for light oil to bitumen oil recovery

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