Lamor winning the prestigious Contractor HSSE Performance award in Kuwait

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Lamor's recent Contractor HSSE Performance award win shows strong dedication to HSSE and sustainability. This recognition highlights Lamor's environmental leadership, setting a high standard for others in the industry.

Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) organized an award ceremony for the 25th edition of the CEO Award for Health, Safety, Security, and Environment, which was held this year under the theme "Building a Safe Environment". The ceremony, held at the Grand Hyatt in Kuwait was attended by CEO Ahmed Jaber Al-Aydan, several executive vice presidents, group managers, team presidents, members of the main committee and subcommittees of the award, as well as representatives from governmental bodies.

HSSE award Kuwait

The Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Award, Director of the Health, Safety, and Environment Group at Shamlan Al-Roumi Company, affirmed that KOC considers a safe environment one of its strategic goals and a priority for achieving sustainable development.

Huge congratulations to Lamor and Khalid Ali Al-Kharafi & Bros for winning the award in the Contractor HSSE Performance Category in Kuwait! This prestigious award shows that Lamor and Khalid Ali Al-Kharafi & Bros care deeply about sustainable development. It proves that we focus on protecting the health, safety, security and environment, and ensuring long-term success together with our partners.

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