Consulting program elevates Bilbao’s maritime preparedness

Bilbao exercise web

Lamor carried out an exercise and a consulting program in training and high performance in spill prevention and response at the Cantabrian Sea in Bilbao, Spain, last December 2023.

The project is part of a long-term service that covers refineries on both sides of the Atlantic, including Spain, Portugal, and Peru. The activity was led by Lamor Spain and Lamor América teams, which integrated collaboratively to offer the customer consulting and training services at the highest level and in their own language.

Bilbao port Spain

The port facility and its maritime terminal in Bilbao were the chosen locations to mark the beginning of the OSR High-Performance Program service, which included:

  • online/site training
  • evaluation of response capacity
  • review of contingency plan
  • forensic evaluation of events and response actions previously developed by the installation
  • inspection of facilities
  • development of a real drill with the participation of maritime and port authorities

Lamor's objective is to ensure that the customer continues to trust Lamor and counts on us as a strategic and trusted partner for the environmental improvement of its operations and facilities.

The integration of the LATAM and Spain teams has been a key point and a success factor in this first stage of the project.

Bilbao port web

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