Lamor conducting oil spill response exercise at Santos Mardones, Punta Arenas

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Lamor Chile recently demonstrated its strong commitment to emergency oil spill response procedures during a drill supervised by the Maritime Authority. Conducted at the Santos Mardones Pier in Punta Arenas, the simulation focused on fuel spill scenarios, highlighting Lamor Chile's commitment to preparedness and safety in safeguarding the marine environment.

At Lamor, we are committed to excellence in emergency response. Recently, we conducted a drill supervised by the Maritime Authority, where we simulated a fuel spill at the Santos Mardones Pier, Punta Arenas.

Chile drill April 2024

During the exercise, we deployed fence-type bay barriers and used Lamor Minimax 12 recovery equipment, all under the watchful eye of the Maritime Authority. The Maritime Authority conducted a thorough review of personnel, equipment, and emergency procedures, including alert generation, activation, containment, recovery, disposal, and operator readiness for different scenarios.

Chile drill deployment April 2024

The drill is essential for Maritime Authority accreditation, evaluating Lamor under rigorous international standards, reinforcing our commitment to safety. It's a key step in becoming accredited for Oil Spill Response (OSR), showcasing our preparedness and pride in our skilled team, dedicated to safeguarding the marine environment.

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