Commissioning and training of OSR equipment in Caucedo port, Dominican Republic

Team photo from Dominican Republic 2024

In Caucedo Port, Dominican Republic, Lamor OSR equipment are now fully operational after completing comprehensive training. Despite challenges, our dedicated team succeeded in meeting all objectives. This milestone emphasizes our commitment to environmental protection through effective solutions and collaboration.

We recently completed the commissioning and training of our OSR equipment in Caucedo port in the Dominican Republic.

It was a week of intense and demanding days due to the various movements of the tugboats. Despite the challenges we successfully achieved all the set objectives:

  • Theoretical training
  • Practical training
  • Commissioning and hydraulic mechanical review of equipment
  • Final deployment of equipment

Big thanks to our dedicated team and partners for making this achievement possible. Learn more about how we protect the environment and how our end-to-end solutions take on environmental issues on a global scale on our Environmental preparedness page.

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