Innovative Sternmax 10 skimmer: a game-changer for Arctic oil spill response

Sternmax skimmer 1300x860 OSR 6

The Arctic's tough conditions, with freezing temperatures and drifting ice, make it a challenging environment. In Arctic oil spill response, these difficulties demand specialized solutions to effectively tackle and minimize environmental impact.

Tailored for harsh Arctic climatic conditions, the Sternmax 10 presents an innovative approach to oil spill response operations, combining cutting-edge technology with efficiency. Sternmax is designed to effectively separate oil from drifting ice, offering a recovery rate exceeding 50 m³/h minimizing the environmental impact of oil spills.

The system efficiently handles drifting crushed ice, preventing it from becoming a hindrance in oil spill recovery, and its ability to lift and tilt the grate facilitates easy removal of ice and debris, ensuring optimal performance.

The innovative placement of the Sternmax on the vessel allows normal functions without the hindrances and complications that other vessel mounted systems can cause and protects the equipment from abrasion and weather damage.

The whole system can be operated by one person from the vessel creating a safe and efficient oil spill recovery environment. The Sternmax minimizes the use of resources and manpower, while providing ultimate control, combined with ice and oil handling and separation techniques that make this skimmer system a perfect solution for reliability, dependability, productivity, and cost effectiveness in Arctic conditions.

Sternmax 10

Sternmax 10 in a nutshell

Ice handling and separation

  • The Sternmax 10 adeptly handles crushed and drifting ice while efficiently separating ice, water, and oil.

Adaptive design

  • Capable of managing thick ice, the system's removable isolation grate allows adaptability for non-Arctic operations.

Advanced heating features

  • The Sternmax 10 employs hot water/steam injection and a steam-heated isolation grate for optimal functionality in freezing Arctic conditions.

Efficient operation

  • With a crane-mounted maneuverable system and a 10-stiff brush wheel system, the skimmer ensures thorough oil recovery and precise deployment.

Maintenance and versatility

  • The storage cradle facilitates easy maintenance, cleaning, and de-icing, contributing to the positive displacement Archimedes screw pump's efficiency.


  • Equipped with remote control functionality classified as Ex Zone 2, the Sternmax 10 is designed for safe and efficient operation with a single operator.

Sternmax 10

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