Spanish Coast Guard's new vessel equipped for oil spill response

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Lamor has equipped the Spanish Coast Guard's new multipurpose vessel with oil spill response technology. The chosen technology includes Stiff Sweeps, HDB booms and LUT Skimmer for quicker containment and recovery to minimize environmental harm.

In the middle of March 2024, Lamor successfully completed the installation of oil spill response equipment aboard the new multipurpose vessel of the Spanish Coast Guard, the “Heroinas de Salvora”.

The approximately 85-meter multipurpose vessel is equipped with Lamor’s state-of-the-art technology including Stiff Sweeps, Heavy Duty Booms (HDB) and LUT Skimmer. These advanced technologies mark a new era in oil spill response, enabling quicker containment and recovery to minimize environmental harm.

Spanish Coast Guard

Lamor Stiff Sweeps are ideal for a firm sweep, in light to moderate seas, for fast recovery of spill oil off the surface. Lamor Heavy Duty Booms are extremely durable and reliable in the most critical situations. The LUT system is designed to be used in harsh climates and offshore conditions operated from a vessel or barge. Due to its efficient and adaptable design, it allows for effective oil pollution recovery with its self-propelled skimmer-head, umbilical hose connection, and interchangeable modules, providing versatility and enhanced recovery capabilities.

HDB Boom

This technology not only enhances the Spanish Coast Guard's ability to tackle oil spills promptly but also highlights Lamor's vital role in maritime safety worldwide. With over 2000 vessels relying on Lamor equipment globally, this installation highlights the commitment to protecting the oceans.

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