Strengthening maritime preparedness: Tier II drill success at Port of Duqm in Oman

Port Of Duqum Drill Feb 2024

Lamor Middle East recently conducted a significant Operational Preparedness, Response, and Cooperation (OPRC) training session at the Port of Duqm (PODC). Held in the middle of February the session aimed to enhance the readiness of PODC and its stakeholders in managing potential oil spill incidents effectively.

The training, which included stakeholders such as SEZAD, AODC, OTTCO, and Asyad Terminal, saw active participation and engagement from key personnel. Lamor Middle East also delivered a Tier II drill, which were attended by ministers, ceo’s, wali and The Royal Oman Police, and various managers. The drill received high praise, with participants expressing satisfaction with Lamor's expertise and capabilities.

Duqum drill with people

This successful initiative underscores the commitment of PODC and its partners to maintain stringent protocols for environmental protection and maritime safety. By fostering collaboration and implementing best practices, these actions contribute significantly to safeguarding marine ecosystems and coastal communities against potential oil spill hazards.

Watch videos from the drill on Lamor YouTube and Oman News Center.

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