Riyadh's Environmental Compliance Forum: Vision 2030 in focus

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The Environmental Compliance Forum 2024 in Riyadh has wrapped up after two days of insightful discussions, organized by the National Center for Environmental Compliance. Experts from various sectors convened to explore sustainable practices aligned with Vision 2030, emphasizing the crucial role of technology, governance, and youth engagement in environmental preservation.

The Environmental Compliance Forum in Riyadh has concluded after two days of engaging discussions. Organized by the National Center for Environmental Compliance, the event brought together specialists and decision-makers from local, regional, and global levels to explore sustainable practices and future trends in environmental conservation.

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The forum featured sessions focused on aligning economic growth with environmental preservation, in accordance with Vision 2030. Key topics included technology, governance, and the role of youth in environmental sustainability.

We were delighted to participate in this significant event and enjoyed many fruitful discussions.

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