Debt financing

Lamor's funding strategy is based on the company’s long-term financial targets. One of the targets is to achieve a capital structure suitable for the company’s strategy, targets, and risk profile by maintaining a strong balance sheet.

Green Finance Framework

Sustainability is at the core of Lamor’s strategy. Our vision about a cleaner tomorrow highlights our sustainable business model. Lamor’s strategy is aiming to increase positive impact with solutions relating to environmental protection and material recycling.

With its solutions and technologies, Lamor promotes circular economy, protection of biodiversity and careful use of scarce resources. In accordance with the strategy, the key to sustainable business is co-operation with customers and partners reinforced with continuous innovation.

To achieve the targets, our Green Finance Framework is focused on our development and investments in environmental protection and material recycling solutions with the purpose of protecting biodiversity, mitigating climate change, and supporting efficient usage of scarce resources.

The Green Finance Framework enables Lamor to mobilise debt capital to support investments to protect the environment and ecosystems globally and to promote a circular economy.

CICERO Shades of Green has rated our Green Finance Framework CICERO Medium Green.

For more information on our eligible projects, categories, reporting and impacts, see our Green Finance Framework.

Lamor Green Finance Framework 

Lamor Second Opinion CICERO GREEN

Financial risk management

Lamor is a global company which is exposed for various financial risks. Lamor’s financial liabilities which comprise floating rate loans are affected by changes in the interest rate and are thus exposed to interest rate risk.

Lamor is assessing the risk framework periodically and the management oversees these risks in accordance to the Lamor’s financial risk governance framework. Lamor has appropriate policies and procedures and financial risks are identified, measured and managed in accordance with Lamor’s policies and risk objectives. The Board of Directors reviews and agrees policies for managing each of these risks.

Lamor monitors its capital structure using the following key figures:

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