Lamor partners with WWF Finland to enhance oil spill response preparedness in the Baltic Sea

2024 WWF Lamor batch web 1300x867

Lamor supports WWF Finland in developing and maintaining WWF's expertise in oil spill response. The goal is to increase the knowledge of volunteer WWF oil spill response teams on the specialised equipment, various materials, and best practices through joint training sessions.

WWF organises a few annual pool exercises for volunteer oil spill response teams. Lamor's experts are involved, and technology introduced in this year's exercises in Kotka and the Upinniemi home region exercise where various parties practice cooperation in possible disruptions.

"The threat of a major oil spill in the Baltic Sea is real. When an oil spill occurs, WWF acts quickly to assist the authorities. It is crucial to remove oil from nature as soon as possible, as it causes serious harm to the environment. With the support of Lamor, we are able to provide more comprehensive training for oil spill response teams. The expertise provided by our corporate partner is crucial for maintaining the knowledge and skills of these teams, and to and developing the trainings further", says WWF's marine expert Vanessa Ryan.

"Although we have become a global expert of environmental solutions over the decades and have long been working with soil remediation and material recycling solutions, our roots are in Finland and in oil spill response. The development of oil spill response technology and preparedness to protect our environment is the foundation on which Lamor is built. Therefore, it is very natural for us to assist WWF Finland in developing oil spill response readiness," says Chief Strategy Officer Johanna Grönroos from Lamor.

"The threats in the Baltic Sea are growing daily. Therefore, it is crucial that the public and private sectors work together not only with each other but also with NGOs and other organizations. We can only tackle these threats together, through collaboration," concludes Grönroos.

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