Social Agenda

A safe, equal, non-discriminating, and attractive place to work

Lamor aims to be a safe, equal, non-discriminating, andScreenshot 2022-06-15 at 11.50.48 attractive place to work for all employees and partners.

Lamor provides people with a meaningful job - a workplace with a clear purpose, that creates motivation, commitment, and willingness to go an extra mile for Lamor's mission to clean the world. Discover Lamor Careers page for more insights on how to join our team. 


Career at Lamor

Health and safety

We want to ensure sufficient training and instructions for all parties involved in our operations. We keep track of incidents, investigate, mitigate and prevent risks. Lamor contributes to social well-being and prevention of diseases by removing spills and contamination from the environment.

Lamor Health and Safety