Environmental Agenda

Lamor’s focus is to provide and develop solutions that directly address some of the key environmental challenges

We help customers to reduce their negative environmental impacts by providing them with efficient tools to prevent, mitigate and recover spills and contaminations. Our handprint is measured by the mitigation of negative environmental impacts by using Lamor’s solutions.

Lamor mitigates negative environmental impact

 Lamor is a frontrunner in end-to-end environmental solutions to recovering spills and contaminations. Lamor makes recovery of hazardous waste and contaminations possible at every stage of an incident preventing biodiversity loss and environmental degradation.


A fit-for-purpose solution together with operational preparedness ensure optimal recovery efficiency which in turn reduces carbon footprint of a clean-up operation.


A great part of Lamor's business is to deliver experienced consulting, planning and training to ensure efficient recovery and prevention of future environmental events. Learn more about our Solutions here: 

Lamor Services


Optimised oil spill recovery capacity

Our equipment is designed to be energy efficient, by optimised operational recovery capacity, i.e., faster recovery and a lower water intake. Using the best available technology and practice increases efficiency and mitigates negative environmental impact. Learn more about Lamor Equipment here:

Lamor Equipment


Emission reduction goals

Acting globally local

When delivering the solutions Lamor acts globally, 

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using local networks, enabling the use of locally trained personnel and optimised response capacity on demand. Our strategy on being globally local is a key in the optimisation of the
supply chain management.

Increasing use of sustainable sources

Sourcing for more sustainable materials either recycled or made with a lower environmental footprint has been initiated as a result of our emission calculations. This transition is however heavily dependent on the availability of greener and economically feasible materials. We also aim to improve recycling in our own activities and of our products aiming for waste reduction. With regards to energy use in Scope 2, we continue to utilise greener energy in all locations where such alternatives are available.

Increasing resource efficiency through circular economy

Screenshot 2022-06-15 at 11.39.00Lamor targets further implementation of circular economy to processes, to reduce waste and resource depletion. In waste management Lamor identifies the best available technologies and aims to add value to the recovered waste through material recovery, reuse and recycling. Our processes are guided by the waste hierarchy, with a focus on maximising recovery and recycling rates. Appropriate waste treatment reduces local pollution and allows reuse of previously contaminated soil.

Industrial and domestic activities produce large volumes of wastewater, the re-use of which will be increasingly important for water security. In water treatment Lamor searches for a closed water circulation and delivers the purified water back to the industry. 

Targeting a larger scope of environmental challenges


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Lamor takes part in a growth engine project to help solve the global plastic waste problem. Lamor aims to add circular economy solutions to its offering and this activity represents a valuable contribution.

Lamor’s plastic recovery and reuse have the potential to reduce the amount of plastics entering the world’s oceans and thus contribute to reduced GHG-emissions. Lamor has invested in liquefied waste plastic technology and is targeting waste reception, recovery and recycling.