Economic Agenda

Environmental solutions contribute to a sustainable future


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 Our business activities are largely dedicated to increasing the level of knowledge in environmental solutions, contributing to a cleaner environment, protection of biodiversity and human health. Since our business activities are dedicated to pollution reduction, our financial growth is also directly connected to a cleaner planet.


Lamor believes economic growth should be both sustainable and inclusive. Together with our network of customers & partners we are targeting strong partnerships and sustainable economic growth. Get to know more about Investing in Lamor. 


  Lamor As An Investment

Generating a positive net impact

The Upright project report - Lamor

The Upright Project prepared an assessment of Lamor’s business activities to analyse the net impact of the company on society, knowledge, health and environment. A company’s net impact is the sum of the positive and negative impacts it has on the world around it.


Lamor’s net impact ratio is +66%

According to The Upright Project, Lamor’s net impact on society is highly positive. With limited resources, we manage to deliver extensive environmental and health benefits.


 The Upright Project Platform

Sustainability is at the core of Lamor's business

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Sustainability is integrated into Lamor’s strategy, governance and policies - which makes it part of all Lamor operation.

Lamor has a Chief Development Officer in charge of sustainability agenda and reporting. The sustainability agenda is approved and its implementation is overseen by Lamor’s Board of Directors.

Integrated Management System (IMS)

Lamor is compliant with all ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certification standards. In addition, Lamor has set up integrated health, safety, security and environment, and quality management system (HSSEQ – IMS) that is designed to improve and enhance compliance, control, and risk management systems.

Get to know more about Lamor Management. 


Lamor Management

Creating Stakeholder Value

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Being a global company means that we consider us having an extensive impact on society. Thus we are responsible for and committed to making our societal impact positive.

The purpose of our business is to achieve a clean planet. To best serve the environment we need to deliver our effective environmental solutions leaving as low environmental footprint as possible.

We believe that our decisions shall benefit our investors and shareholders. Accordingly, we review our actions from both a financial and sustainable point of view. Visit our investors' website for more details. 


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