Lamor Case Studies


Lamor's bow collector

An oil Spill In Rocky, Shallow Waters

Oil Spill Response: When heavy fuel oil coated every nook and cranny of a rocky shoreline, Lamor’s Bow Collector was versatile enough to handle the tight spaces.

Lamor case study - An oil spill in icey waters

An Oil Spill In Icey Waters

Oil Spill Response: Lamor has developed oil spill recovery solutions that can handle demanding Arctic weather.

Lamor Case Study - Lamor's GTA pumps for harvesting seaweed

Lamor's GTA pumps for harvesting seaweed

Aquaculture: Seaweed has been an important local food source in South Asia for generations. The seaweed farmer in the Maldives used Lamor’s GTA pumps to increase productivity and efficiency in harvesting seaweed.


Refinery on America’s West Coast

Lamor Rapid Response: American refineries are some of the safest and best-prepared in the world. When an incident happened in the middle of a holiday night, one refinery chose Lamor’s Harbo System innovative solution to rapidly respond to the oil spill.

Lamor Case Study - Ecuadorian Pipeline

Ecuadorian Pipelines Oil Spill Response and Cleanup During the Pandemic Period

Oil Spill Response: Lamor implemented new protocols and safety procedures, as well as devoted new resources to a rapid and efficient response.

Lamor Case Study - Private American O&G company

Private American Oil and Gas Company

Oil Spill Response: One of the world’s most advanced LNG terminals needed an risk management solution based on ICS model, including Tier I + Tier II local response capacity, and specialized training.

Lamor Case Study - A state owned Company in SA

A State-Owned Company in South America

Oil Spill Response: Lamor helped a South American company manage several oil spill incidents as well as to put systems and procedures in place to reduce the chances they will happen again.