Lamor IMS

Integrated Management System

For the best job performance, Lamor has created an integrated management system that is practical, easy to follow and certified to the highest standards.


The Lamor integrated management system consists of two parts:


1. The certified IMS system


2. The Hailer communication platform


  • All information and communication in one system
  • Certified by Bureau Veritas in Finland
  • Covers HSSEQ (health, safety, security, environment, and quality
  • All the support and expertise from Lamor
  • Access to oil spill equipment stockpiles, equipment service, and maintenance
  • No paper forms
  • Fast and transparent process
  • Get started in one online session

Lamor has a long history of working in dangerous environments and demanding conditions - from the Amazon to the Arctic. Every job requires performance while keeping our people, partners, and equipment safe and operating. Lamor integrated management system engages the right people, processes, and resources at the right time.




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