Joint Covid-19 response with Practical Action, Lamor Foundation, Lamor

Utilising the collective network, offices, personnel, resources and logistics of the three organisations the partnership will now focus their efforts to assist vulnerable communities respond to the threat of Covid19.

All three organisations have agreed to use their expertise and strengths to supplement Practical Action’s work to limit the spread of coronavirus in the countries they work in. Lamor Corporation has used its extensive procurement and supply chain to establish a reliable source of PPE and hygiene products.

They will have three key areas of focus:

  • Behavior change communication (social distancing and hygiene awareness through SMS and local radio)
  • Distribution of protective equipment and handwashing kits through Lamor’s global network and via Practical Action’s community links in the countries in which it operates – with an initial focus on Kenya, Bangladesh and India.
  • Free use of the new Hailer app to help communities organise support for the most vulnerable.

Due to the nature of the pandemic, the joint response anticipates this to be the first phase of what we believe to unfortunately be a long-term and sustained requirement. Bangladesh, India and Kenya have been identified as most at risk within the Practical Action network. Other countries will be part of this response in the second phase.

David Nazha, President of the Lamor Foundation, said: “We want to support existing work that Practical Action is doing in areas where there is critical need. “Where we can we will provide logistical and technical support via our network of international offices and contribute through fundraising and the procurement of PPE and hygiene products."

Mika Pirneskoski, the CEO of Lamor Corporation Ab adds that “there is definitely a need for this sort of initiative as the market prices of PPE and hygiene products have surged over the past few weeks and there are unfortunately a lot of companies trying to take advantage of it. We remain committed to helping the most vulnerable people in our target countries to be able to fight the spreading of the virus.”

“Ultimately, we want this partnership to be flexible, valuable and able to respond to the immediate need of vulnerable people and the planet. This crisis has forced us to focus on the short term and bring much-needed help to where it is most required. We will continue to have our long-term plans and objectives in place and continue to work on them ”

Corporate partnerships manager for Practical Action Ian Derbyshire said: “As with everything in life, it is in times of crisis and great need that you discover who your friends are. Lamor’s willingness to be flexible and proactive in their work with us is greatly appreciated.

“Their support of limiting the spread by addressing the short-term need whilst still committing to our long-term approach of changing systems in Bangladesh demonstrates a real commitment.

“It is heartening to see other organisations prioritise making poorest and most vulnerable communities more resilient to shocks like coronavirus or climate change.”

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