Lamor Wins Major Waste Management Contract in South America

A global energy company Esso Exploration and Production Guyana Limited (EEPGL) awards Lamor and local partner GAICO Construction with a significant contract to build, own and operate an integrated hazardous waste management facility in Guyana.


Lamor has signed a major agreement to provide integrated hazardous waste management services in Guyana with EEPGL. The ten-year deal was awarded to a consortium including Lamor, GAICO Construction and GYSBI Shorebase to build, own and operate a state-of-the-art waste management facility.

“We are very excited about this significant agreement and for EEPGL's confidence in us to successfully manage such a critical contract” says Paul Roach, Head of Waste Management.

“Lamor recognized the potential in Guyana and tracked the growth of the oil and gas sector from as early as 2016. It was clear that it would be an excellent place to develop all of our different services and make a positive impact. Lamor builds upon its success in providing oil spill response support services to two significant offshore exploration campaigns during 2019/2020, we saw it as a natural expansion opportunity to promote and develop our waste and water management solutions. This new contract will allow Lamor to build on our strong local track record in South America and the Caribbean.” says Thomas Field, Group Development Director.

Lamor was successful in being awarded the contract following a lengthy competitive tendering process in 2020.

Through its joint venture, Lamor has established an operating company to deliver the contract, Sustainable Environmental Solutions (Guyana) Inc.  They are now uniquely positioned to support both EEPGL’s future growth in offshore exploration, development and production, as well as any other potential clients' needs, providing best-in-class waste management and environmental solutions

Lamor was presented with the challenge to design and specify a range of waste treatment technologies that can handle a mix of hazardous and non-hazardous generated waste streams. The company's team of experts came up with an “integrated” approach that encompassed waste reduction, waste recovery and waste recycling techniques to minimize the reliance on landfills as a means of disposal. In particular, they will treat drill cuttings, slops and sludges and recover base oils that can be reused. They will also have a wastewater treatment facility that will be able to treat a mix of chemical and petroleum-contaminated water, ensuring that treated water is discharged in line with Guyana’s environmental regulations and standards. Carefully planned waste material handling and transportation measures will also deliver efficiencies and reduce future road traffic movements.    

The new waste management operations will be extensive, including building everything from the ground up. It will not only help to protect the environment, but it will also help develop the local economy where environmentally responsible activity is at the centre of the ecosystem. In addition, Lamor will continue to develop digitalisation of the waste management process in order to be able to provide accurate and verifiable information about the process and support the non-financial reporting requirements of its clients. 

“This establishes us as a leading waste and water management services provider for the region,” Roach says. “We will be able to efficiently and safely manage our Clients' waste, helping them to achieve environmental compliance whilst at the same time being able to protect the natural resources of Guyana."  

The integrated hazardous waste management facility is planned to be in operation during the summer of 2021.

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