Lamor maintains readiness to support OSR during COVID-19 outbreak

Lamor’s global footprint allows it to continue to support its customers with Oil Spill Response even with disruptions to travel caused by the COVID-19 virus.

The entire world is trying to cope with the situation caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus. The effects on public health as well as economies around the world are dramatic.

The current situation has exposed society’s lack of preparation for a virus outbreak of this magnitude. This is fundamental in any crisis. Being prepared is the only and best defence.

The same also applies in the field of Emergency Response. Lamor is the leading provider of Oil Spill Response Services & Equipment, and continues to support its customers in maintaining preparedness for addressing a potential oil spill and any other environmental disaster.

Lamor has production in seven countries and local representation in 104 countries. Through this footprint, Lamor maintains the ability to serve its customers locally, even with travel limitations due to the global pandemic. The manufacturing footprint provides flexibility and minimises product availability risks due to limitations in the movement of goods during a severe crisis situation.

“Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees. We have taken actions to adapt to the new situation and minimise the risks to our employees of catching the virus. Our commitment to the industry remains strong and the network we have built during more than 35 years is showing its muscle in situations like these,” says Mika Pirneskoski, CEO of Lamor Corporation.

Lamor is an experienced provider of contingency planning services in their industry and their track record in responding to crises is well respected in the industry. This is the DNA of the Lamor organisation. “We are happy to apply our experience for the benefit of our customers as well as the companies in our partner network,” continues Mr. Pirneskoski.

The ongoing virus outbreak has put a strain on running a business and maintaining response levels. There is material-, intellectual- and financial resources needed to provide services in a global marketplace. Lamor is happy to have committed employees and long-term suppliers and partners with whom they can immediately find solutions to emerging issues. As their own emergency response strategy Lamor has built several financial scenarios and found a good solution to overcome this crisis with the help of its long-term financial partner Danske Bank. 

Lamor continues to serve its customers locally in the 104 countries where they have a presence and globally to the extent travel limitations allow. Lamor's emergency response number can be found on top of the webpage and local contact details here:

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