Lamor help ecological monitoring and protection of Boryslav in Ukraine

A public-private partnership is improving environmental safety in Boryslav (Ukraine) and the surrounding region.

Porvoo, July 14, 2021  - Lamor, the oil and gas firm Ukrnafta and the city of Boryslav are working together to monitor and protect the environment in the Lviv region of Ukraine. The results of the first stage of the project were discussed in a meeting at the residence of the Finnish ambassador to Ukraine.

During the meeting, the representatives of Ukrnafta, Boryslav City Council and Lamor Ukraine discussed the achievements of the first stage of comprehensive ecological monitoring, as well as various aspects to improve environmental safety for the Boryslav population.

The ambassador of Finland to Ukraine, Päivi Laine, emphasized the importance of abolishing the ecological hazards in Boryslav and the impact of that on the whole region.

Constantly improving ways of working 

Ukrnafta’s Chairman, Oleg Gez and Vice President for Society and Sustainability,  Roman Iltio spoke about the company's efforts to improve the environmental situation in the region. In particular, how the company is taking steps to eliminate pollution caused by the long-term oil and gas production in the city.

According to the head of Boryslav City Council, Igor Yavorsky, the state should not stand apart. There must be a special approach to this unique situation. 

Mika Pirneskoski, CEO of Lamor, attended the meeting online and stressed that the project is unique for Ukraine but Lamor specialists have experience with similar tasks in different countries around the world. They possess the needed know-how and means to find solutions to the problem. From the beginning of the project, representatives of both Lamor's head office and regional offices have been involved.

It was noted that the situation in the city is a consequence of natural factors and human activity. In particular, this includes the geological structure and shallow deposits of oil and gas reservoirs with direct access to the surface, as well as production conducted in the 19th and early 20th centuries which was not up to modern standards.

Strong actions to protect the populace

In 2018, a decision was reached to conduct a comprehensive ecological study which should lead to a plan of action to minimize hazards caused by long-term oil production to humans and the environment.

The first stage of environmental monitoring was completed by Lamor Ukraine LLC, a joint venture between Lamor Corporation Ab (Porvoo, Finland) and LIGA Group (Kyiv, Ukraine).

Thus, the basis for further work in this direction is ready. The analysis of historical data and previous research has been carried out; compliance of environmental indicators with national and international standards has been established; maps of types and areas of pollution are completed; and various factors were assessed, including oil production and, in the past, ozokerite production.

For the continuation of the project, it is necessary to seek support also from other national and international actors. 

The next stage of the project will be the development and implementation of an action plan to prevent further degradation of the environment and gradual restoration of the affected areas.

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